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Occasionally, the publication of a work of fiction anticipates the polarization and upheaval, protests and violence of a precise moment in history. The underlying narrative behind Stiller’s new novel, Mac Murphy, reveals the essence of the sinister powers driving the conflict between right and left, have’s and have not’s, white society and people of color as a distraction from their campaign to establish a feudal fascist America. 

Renegade radio-personality Mac Murphy has no qualifications to run for President of the United States but he’s launched his shady campaign on a lark. He is the only candidate who promises to restore the pride and purity of White America for his rabid tribe of populist listeners.

For corrupt corporate titans who have a been buying elections for decades, Murphy is just another investment in their quest to deconstruct society, dismantle democracy, and seize ultimate power and economic dominance. 

Nellis Gray joins Jessie Cotton to transform the tiny hurricane-ravaged protest in Dolphin Bay into a flourishing national movement for millions of unemployed workers who have lost their jobs, their homes, their lives, and their dignity. Desperate protestors march and rally in every city across the country to expose the cruel conspiracy to crush the Middle Class.

 A savage clash of hostile cultures will determine the fate of American liberty and the survival of our experiment in democracy.

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Morgan’s Knot - Episode VIII

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Islands of Wisdom

the morgan’s knot serial fantasy

Episode VIII 

Seers and Keepers from around the world converge on Morgan’s Knot to establish a unified confederation to thwart a frenzied expansion of Legio Obscurum’s fortifications and technologies in anticipation of Zepallo’s crusade to crush the Forces of Light and dominate humanity under the Dark Powers.

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The act of creation is a journey initiated by a wisp of an idea that matures and evolves, with patient persistence, to blossom into a piece of art or music or literature that conveys the world in a uniquely wondrous way. Rick's expressions delight our eyes, draw us into outrageous adventures in fantastic realms, stir primal rhythms, and tickle a childlike curiosity in each of us.

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