The act of creation is a journey initiated by a wisp of an idea that matures and evolves, with patient persistence, to blossom into a piece of art or music or literature that conveys the world in a uniquely wondrous way. Rick's expressions delight our eyes, draw us into outrageous adventures in fantastic realms, stir primal rhythms, and tickle a childlike curiosity in each of us.

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 Book II 


SunnyBreeze is a new concept in upscale resorts and everything that dreams of paradise should be – lush and tropical, perfect in minute detail, offering every amenity and service that any wealthy tourist might desire. 

While the guests are lulled by lush ambiance and over-indulgence, they will also be subliminally programmed to accept their roles in the approaching economic collapse and class warfare that is sure to destroy what remains of our society and our culture.

Phantoms from a tortured past draw reclusive landscape artist, Jessie Cotton, out of seclusion to find redemption in leading a worker’s rebellion that shatters the mirage of mindless bliss in sunny paradise and expands into a national movement to salvage the middle class from the greed and power of the richest few, who have been plotting to dismantle the government and our democracy for decades.

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