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About Rick

Rick Stiller…knowing eyes, easy smile, quiet demeanor, creative, talented, and more interested in those around him than in talking about himself, until they see his photographs, hear his music, wander through his garden, or read his stories.


Occasionally, the publication of a work of fiction reflects the polarization and upheaval, protests and violence of a precise moment in history, as if the author anticipated the headlines. Stiller’s new novel, Mac Murphy, reveals the essence of the real sinister powers driving the conflict between right and left, have’s and have not’s, white society and people of color as a distraction from their campaign to establish a feudal fascist America.

As we continue to suffer though our nation's political and economic nightmare, Nellis Gray and Jessie Cotton transform the All People Matter protest into a national movement that draws hundreds of thousands of supporters from across the country. Ultra-rightwing radio talk show host, Mac Murphy embarks on a prank campaign for the presidency against a slate of “conservative” Republican candidates, owned by wealthy donors intent on buying the Oval Office and willing to eliminate any opposition with an iron fist. As in our current climate, the future of our democracy hangs in the balance.


Nellis Gray, the first of his political novels in The Redemption Series, is a must read. Rude and cranky Nellis has a locked steel gate, a pack of scruffy dogs, Chester his pet pig, and every intention of spending his remaining years working his small farm in seclusion. He shuns social contact, until desperate young sisters draw him out of isolation to craft redemption from ruin, for their eccentric family, and save the town from a confederacy of Klansmen, sadistic enforcers for a shady political campaign financed by a big-tent preacher with a global parish and secrets to hide.

The second volume in the series, SunnyBreeze features a new concept in upscale resorts and everything that dreams of paradise should be – lush and tropical, perfect in every detail, offering every amenity and service that any wealthy guest might desire. But, while the guests are lulled by lush ambiance and over-indulgence, they will also be subliminally programmed to accept their roles in salvaging the approaching economic collapse and class warfare that is sure to destroy what remains of our society and our culture. A brewing revolt by those rendered destitute and helpless through the revocation of our rights, liberties, hopes, and dreams will expose a tyrant and a fanatical fraternity of tycoons who covet the presidency as the ultimate investment.


His novel, Dealer, opens as the Summer of Love flowered in 1967 and the counter-culture revolution erupted across the western world. Long-haired, pot-smoking hippies infested major cities, college campuses, and small towns with raucous music and a social consciousness that exploded into the anti-war movement. Political and social norms were trounced by a generation devoted to sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. A brash young entrepreneur recognized the potential and built a robust and illicit chain, importing marijuana from the Caribbean, South America, the Middle East, and Asia to supply a budding market from coast to coast.


Watch for the imminent release of Islands of Wisdom, the eighth episode in the Morgan's Knot Serial Fantasy. Seers and Keepers from around the world converge on Morgan’s Knot to establish a unified confederation to thwart a frenzied expansion of Legio Obscurum’s fortifications and technologies in anticipation of Zepallo’s crusade to crush the Forces of Light and dominate humanity under the Dark Powers.


Stiller is also an award-winning commercial advertising photographer, musician, and a Master Gardener tending Kelian Gardens at the House of the Four Seasons. 

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