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What Would Nellis Say?

Brainwashing 101 - September 2022

Brainwashing 101

The first step in our march toward American totalitarianism

While the world is distracted by a horde of rats fleeing Donald Trump’s foundering scam in anticipation of the complete exposure of his many crimes and looming indictments in Washington, New York, and Georgia, Republican/Fascist governors and legislatures are eliminating objective factual education and replacing it with evangelical white-supremacist propaganda.

Leading the campaign to brainwash our children, Florida governor Ron DeSantis has installed mandatory revisions in textbooks, classroom lessons, and teacher training to ensure that no white child might be exposed to truths that make them feel “uncomfortable” about the crimes and sins of their ancestors over the course of our national history.

Teachers are prohibited from talking about ‘systemic racism, unconscious bias, or white privilege’ as anything more than theories. They are not permitted to endorse concepts like ‘neutrality, objectivity, and racial colorblindness’ — ‘because they may have racist origins’ — meaning they represent a realistic perspective based on truth and facts.

The state board of education has adopted texts that distort many accepted historical precedents to claim that the Civil War was fought for “states’ rights” and the millions of Africans kidnapped and shipped like cattle across the ocean to be sold into slavery in America was ‘much less significant’ than the quantities of human beings shipped to other parts of the New World.

Of course the new mandates avoid informing students of the fact that white slave-owners (including many of our Founding Fathers) could beat, rape, kill, or sell their slaves with impunity from interference from state or national authorities. Plantations expanded their profit streams of forcing unpaid slave labor to tend crops like sugarcane or cotton by adding a new revenue source — breeding slave children as just another variety of livestock to be sold at a profit to the highest bidder, reinforcing the perception of non-white human beings as nothing more than chattel.

Educators are forbidden from exposing young scholars to the truth about the massacre of Native Americans by white European settlers who invaded and commandeered land and resources (then marched the survivors of the conquest across the Trail of Tears to desolate ‘reservations’ in the west, where their children were rounded up and hauled off to ‘Christian’ boarding schools that forbid any reference to their language, religion, or heritage). Students will not be told about the incarceration of tens of thousands of Japanese Americans during World War II, or the horrors of the Holocaust, or an endless list of other atrocities.

These are all subjects that every student should know and understand through factual discussions with competent teachers who have mastered their areas of expertise. If we do not inform our children of the truth, then the traumas and excesses of the past will surely repeat themselves in even more horrific fashion, as we are witnessing in the headlines every day.

Accepting that the new rules were concocted by evangelical white nationalists, it is not surprising that the ‘revised’ lessons claim that the Constitution was based on the Ten Commandments or that the Founding Fathers did not intend for actual ‘separation of church and state’ but rather those phrases were included to ensure the ‘freedom’ to practice Christian religion without oversight or restriction by government.

Youngsters will be taught that our society was built on a white Judeo-Christian ethos that does not acknowledge the hundreds of other belief systems practiced by the rest of our citizens as foundational to the strength and diversity of our society. The whole point of these changes is to glorify white evangelical Christians as the only true patriots and ‘rightful’ administrators of power, moral examples that all the other children should emulate and revere as the rightful heirs to control the future of the nation.

The first rule for the victors in any revolution is to take complete control of the media. The second rule is to re-educate the populous, starting with the children, to accept a revised version of history that reinforces the justification for dividing the population into glorious ‘us’ and evil expendable ‘them’.

‘They’ are responsible for fouling the purity of society and ‘they’ must be punished and banished so an unsullied ruling class can establish dominance without interference from unworthy outcasts. During the 1930’s, Nazi propaganda vilified Jews and Roma Gypsies as the villains behind all the problems in the country, claiming that by eliminating them, a pure ‘Aryan’ Germany would rule the world!

We are witnessing the establishment of fascist thought-control as a preamble to persuading our populous to accept false revisionist history, the segregation of our society according to race and belief systems, and the establishment of an official national religion that will dictate rights and privileges for every individual.

The mad rush to institute an authoritarian regime to destroy our democracy will certainly succeed with the institution of a Republican administration in January 2025, unless the middle of our political spectrum finds a way to set aside our differences to unite behind ferocious moderates willing to fight to save our country from domination by the well-financed and organized fake-Christian minority and their industrial enablers.

Our idyllic American Dream will be swept aside unless you and I and everyone we know joins together to put a stop to the lies and propaganda that justify the brainwashing of children in our schools and the continued lies and ongoing indoctrination of the adults being broadcast by the hate networks.

When did lying become acceptable and why do perfectly intelligent people reject truth, facts, science, common sense, and common decency in favor of universal hypocrisy and communal hatred?

Only you can prevent American fascism from destroying our union.


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