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What Would Nellis Say?

Ongoing Attacks on our Democracy - February 2023

What a Day!


The courts released a trove of Fox internal communications that left absolutely no doubt that everyone from Rupert Murdock on down to the doorman knew that Donald Trump’s claims of election fraud were completely false. But ratings and profits were dropping and, having been groomed to the addiction of outrage, viewers were stampeding to Newsmax because it was supporting Trump’s lies with Rudy Guiliani and Sidney Powell hawking moronic conspiracy theories. 


In response to the monetary threat, Fox produced non-stop fabrications for months and justified the brutality of the violence employed by the rioters who stormed and invaded the Capitol on January 6th. Their sole motivation was maintaining or improving market-share and advertising profits. Truth be damned.


We should not forget that far too many Americans died of Covid because they believed Trump and Fox lies about the virus (it’s no worse than the flu), the vaccine (it causes sterility and Bill Gates inserted tracking devices in the serum), masking (actually increases your chance of catching the disease) and distancing (is an attack on your rights and freedoms). 


Today, Fox lawyers said in court that viewers should not believe a word that Tucker Carlson says on his program because none of it is true. They have used this excuse in previous lawsuits and investigations, claiming first amendment rights. (Is spewing endless lies and soliciting violence and outrage a right?) 


Carlson has become the most popular talk show host in Russia (please don’t refer to him as a journalist, he’s not) because his diatribes against virtually everything in our democracy support Putin’s fascist autocracy.


Kevin McCarthy, as part of his secret deal to win the Speakership in payment for the votes of the klan-of-twenty MAGA Representatives, announced that he will send 60,000 hours of security camera videos of the Capitol invasion on January 6th to…none other than…Tucker Carlson. The files were not offered to any other news service and there are no restrictions on its editing or use. Anyone have any doubt about the propaganda value of those images or what Fox will produce?


Meanwhile, in Washington, Matt Gaetz proposed a bill in the House of Representatives and MAGA protestors rallied in Washington, D.C. to support Russia’s war efforts and to demand an end to American financial and military support for Ukraine.


President Biden flew to Poland overnight, then boarded a train for a ten-hour ride to Kyiv to stand with President Zelensky in support of Ukraine’s defense against the Russian invasion. Republicans at home were outraged because a real president had the guts to venture into a war zone to stand up for democracy. So, once again, right-wing Representatives are threatening to impeach him.


Our president is giving a speech in Poland to rally support among the free nations of the world for the fight to defend Ukraine. Simultaneously, Vladimir Putin is giving the equivalent of our State of Union address in Moscow, in which he is expected to tout great and completely imaginary victories in the gallant campaign to liberate and repatriate Ukraine. Without attaining tactical advances on any front, the drive has actually devolved into a desperate barrage of shelling civilians and infrastructure, where the only point is cruelty. He will avoid telling his citizens that tens-of-thousands of his poorly trained conscripts are being shuttled through a slaughterhouse to die as nothing more than fodder for his war machine.


Exhausting as all of this might seem, it is merely the opening salvo of another two years of accusations and outrage driving the news cycle through absurd gyrations that defy logic and motivate the extremists to further attacks on the foundations of our democracy. 


Want to protest the insanity of these events? Start by turning off the Hate Network to deny Rupert Murdock and his propagandists the profits that keep them on the air.


Stand up, speak out, and share this with your friends.


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