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What Would Nellis Say?

Clown Car Republicans - January 2023

Clown-Car Republicans


On the first day of the 177th Congress, Republicans proved once again that they lack an agenda, a set of core beliefs other than white nationalism, or a plan to move the country forward.


The party is adamantly against real inclusive democracy or any legislation that might serve the American people or solve any of the many problems we are facing, including inflation, immigration, and crime that every Republican candidate screamed about during their campaigns but have no intention of addressing.


Moderation or cooperation with the Democrats is deemed a Cardinal sin and a tiny minority of extremist Representatives are sworn not to serving the citizens of our country but to dismantling the government, rescinding every right and benefit granted since the Civil War (including gutting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid), and keeping the richest Americans rich.


Their philosophical base claims that Caucasian males are, somehow, victims of a massive conspiracy by immigrants, people of color, or anyone who does not believe in the most extreme evangelical dictums. The “others” are coming to take their “rightful” privileges and right-wing militants are preparing for a second civil war to protect white dominance in American society.


Kevin McCarthy, the man born without a spine, has been selling himself as the rightful heir to power in the House of Representatives since he was first elected in 2007, while having never offered up a single legislative bill. After chastising Trump for launching the riots of January 6th, he made a pilgrimage to Mar-a-Loco to genuflect and kiss the ring of the thoroughly disgraced and defeated former president in a desperate and despicable attempt to secure his blessing.


He, like Trump, was and always will be a fraud. Their alliance, like so many others, lasted only as long as McCarthy served Trump’s interests. The would-be Speaker outlived his usefulness and is suffering the consequences of submissive acquiescence to his failed fascist idol.


It might be wishful thinking to hope that his colleagues’ rejection will prove embarrassment enough to solicit a resignation but the real problem is that the Republicans lack anyone who has the strength of character to stand up to the radical minority. The alternative candidates for the Speaker’s seat are as lame and immoral as McCarthy.


The sad truth is that far too many Americans have gleefully accepted the hateful racist propaganda being spewed by extremist candidates and Rupert Murdock’s Hate Network. They have not only been granted permission to hate but they have been groomed and prodded to demonize and vilify the vast majority of our citizens who still believe in “of, by, and for” all the people of our country, not just the privileged few.


Our nation faces a grim future unless the center of the political spectrum joins together to demand an end to the disinformation and confrontational campaigns of the extremists. McCarthy is a sad example of those who are willing to sell their souls, their moral core to the fanatics in a quest for power without a commitment to their oath to serve the people and protect the tenets of the Constitution that is the foundation of our democracy.


The minority of clown car wacko’s who have seized control of the Republican Party have no intention of governing or serving the best interests of our country. They have no legislative priorities other than revenge investigations and defunding the FBI, the IRS, the EPA, and the Department of Education. This farce is being staged to seize and possess power, to force concessions from the moderates, and earn millions for the legislative entrepreneurs who are performing dysfunctional political theater to solicit their donors’ contributions.


If the goal of this effort is to blow up our system of government and banish our democracy in favor of rule by confederations of rich white men and evangelical extremists, they are well along the path to success.


As I asked in a previous essay, is there an adult in the room? Does any moderate Republican possess the strength of character and commitment to defend our democracy or take control of a runaway train that is careening toward self-destruction?


Or, as has been suggested in the past few days, could moderate Republicans and Democrats join together to support a sensible candidate willing to work from the center to pass bipartisan legislation to deal with the many challenges that have been blocked for more than a decade by the Tea Party/Freedom Caucus (Freedom only if you’re white) fascists?


This is an extraordinary moment in our history and its resolution might well determine the future of the nation. Autocracy, Theocracy, or Democracy? This whole episode is merely political theater, a glimpse of the dysfunction and chaos we should expect over the next two years, but everyone should realize that a tiny group of radicals should not be allowed to commandeer one of our national parties and threaten the future of the world’s greatest and most successful democracy.


Be brave enough to stand up and speak out in defense of all we know to be right and true.

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