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What Would Nellis Say?

Clown Car Minority Rule (2) - January 2023

Clown-Car Minority Rule


After fifteen humiliating rounds of rejection, Kevin McCarthy finally traded his soul to the MAGA insurrectionists in exchange for being elected the weakest Speaker of the House in history. He accomplished this sad demoralizing feat on January 6th, the second anniversary of the violent invasion of our Capitol. 


His first comment after the vote was to thank defeated and disgraced former president Trump, the instigator of the riot and attempted coup, for his support. He might be the only person in the nation with less power, influence, or dignity than his humiliated patron.


When legislators returned to the House chamber after the riot in 2020, 147 Republican members voted against ratifying the 2020 election of Joe Biden, despite a lack of any evidence of improprieties in the vote. A vast majority of those insurrection supporters were re-elected to continue their rape of our electoral process and hamstring any hope of the legislature addressing the many challenges facing our nation.


When President Biden honored the police officers and election workers who had the courage to stand up for our democracy and the safety of Senators and Congressmen of both parties, not one Republican elected official attended the ceremony. The Party is all for fighting crime and supporting the police when it works as a campaign theme but not when those civil servants need and deserve validation and gratitude for their sacrifice and service.


We should recognize the parallels between the current imposter in the Speaker’s office and Joseph McCarthy, the former Wisconsin Senator who demonized prominent American citizens in the 1950’s by falsely proclaiming their allegiance to the Communist Party…without proof. Months of ridiculous and inflammatory hearings, rife with outrageous and fabricated accusations, destroyed the reputations and careers of thousands of innocent patriots. 


With the prospect of little Jimmy Jordan (a second-rate wrestling coach who couldn’t be bothered to protect or even acknowledge complaints of many of his student athletes about sexual molestation by the team doctor at Ohio State University) taking the gavel in the Judiciary Committee and the newly minted Weaponized Revenge Committee, we can expect a repeat of the carnage and chaos spawned by the former Senator.


Our current McCarthy and Jordan were both elected in the first wave of Tea Party political saboteurs in 2007, neither has ever offered a single meaningful bill for consideration by the House. They and their anti-democratic brethren were sponsored by the Koch Brothers’ financial cabal with the singular goal of disrupting and defeating any legislation proposed by President Obama or the Democrats. 


The Tea Party/Freedom Caucus have never proposed any piece of legislation that might benefit the American people, address or solve problems like immigration or crime or inflation, or reinforce democratic principles. Other than white-nationalism and protecting the fortunes of their rich white donors, they are not for anything. They were put in place to dismantle the federal government, eliminate rules and restrictions that protect us all, end taxation, and abolish our democracy.


Unless the rest of the fearful and gutless members of the Republican Party find the courage to 


  • stand up to this tiny clutch of gangsters, 

  • eliminate the corruption in campaign financing, 

  • bring charges against conspirators behind what has become an ongoing insurgency, 

  • recall the many judges who lied during their confirmation hearings but were placed on the bench after being ‘approved’ by the ultra-conservative (think fascist) Federalist Society during the last administration, 

  • force cable propaganda networks to adhere to the same FCC broadcast rules as legitimate news networks, 

  • and begin to form alliances with moderate Democrats to actually do the business of the people…


The People will delegate the Party to the political dung-heap of history in the next election.


Our nation has entered the twilight zone, a world where the most fundamental foundations of a just and inclusive society are under attack by a tiny radical and reckless faction of our legislative officials. 


These representatives were elected by white-nationalist zealots, a small percentage of our population, who have been groomed and brainwashed by right-wing media to believe ridiculous conspiracy theories and outright fabrications that bear no relation to truth or facts. Their rage against the rest of society blinds them to the realization that they will be the first to suffer the loss of rights and benefits if their fanatics in Congress succeed.


With the exception of 2004, the Republican Party has not won the majority of votes in any national election in three decades. With anti-democracy/pro-authoritarian thugs like Jimmy Jordan, Marjorie Taylor-Green, and Matt Gaetz holding the reins of power in the House, this is clown car minority rule. They have made no secret of their intention to destroy the institutions in which they serve, the democracy that allowed them to rise to power, and the future of all that makes this country unique and exceptional for all of us.


In this era of lies and disinformation, moderate Republicans have an opportunity to begin the healing from our national nightmare by creating an agenda based on common sense and common decency, by banishing the voices of hate, intimidation, and division, and attending to the needs of all Americans, instead of the wealthiest patrons who pay for their elections and the supremacist fringe.


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