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“Life has new meaning and it isn’t the one they told us about when we were kids in school. It’s way bigger than that.”

Predicting the headlines

Rick Stiller is an author, award-winning photographer, musician, and Master Gardener. 


His books depict the good ole' boy environment of the deep south and challenges readers to examine the good and bad aspects of the human experience that too many of us are reluctant to acknowledge.


The fiction in his books reflects the polarization and upheaval, protests, and violence of this precise moment through the lens of our history. Stiller's novels reveal, time and time again, the essence of the real sinister powers driving the conflict between right and left, have and have not's, white society and people of color as a distraction from their campaign to establish a feudal fascist America. 


But at the core of each novel is the heart of America... the good and redemptive parts that drive his flawed and damaged characters to give us hope for the future.


Rick is a consummate storyteller and intriguing characters prompt inventive plot twists and turns that gently force an insightful look at the current political and racial divides that are tearing at our country's fabric. His books are must-reads for anyone who cares about the future of our country and those who feel compelled to make it a better place for the generations to come.


Nellis Gray

The Redemption Series: Book I

A fervent league of Klansmen serve as sadistic enforcers for a shady political campaign financed by a big-tent preacher with a global parish and secrets to hide.

Sapped by rowdy years on the road, rude, cranky, and cantankerous Nellis Gray has a locked steel gate, a pack of scruffy dogs, a pet pig named Chester, and every intention of spending his remaining years working on his small farm in seclusion. He shuns the outside world, until desperate young sisters draw him out of isolation to save the community from a violent racist conspiracy and craft redemption from ruin for their eccentric family. 

Current world events provide the darkest and most terrifying glimpse of a bleak and divisive future in the history of our democracy. Nellis Gray is the first of four novels that explore insidious bigotry and racism, the brewing revolution by an immense segment of our society who have been rendered destitute and helpless by obscene oppression and excruciating economic inequities, and the blatant revocation of our rights, liberties, hopes, and dreams by a surly tyrant who serves at the pleasure of an exclusive clique of tycoons who aspire to acquire the presidency as the ultimate investment.


A very entertaining believable fiction
By territech


"In 'Nellis Gray', author Rick Stiller got my attention from the first paragraph and held it to the very end. There is not a boring or superfluous sentence in the book. It has an intricate plot about a political campaign and corruption that is full of surprises. It has plenty of action and dialog, described well enough that it is easy to envision the scenes. There are many characters with widely varying traits and perspectives. It is written in a straight-forward style that is comfortable to read. This should be made into a movie. I am very eager to read the next book in the series."



The Redemption Series: Book II

SunnyBreeze is a new concept in upscale resorts and everything that dreams of paradise should be – lush and tropical, perfect in every detail, offering every amenity and service that any wealthy tourist might desire. 

While the guests are lulled by lush ambiance and over-indulgence, they will also be subliminally programmed to accept their roles in the approaching economic collapse and class warfare that is sure to destroy what remains of our society and our culture.

Phantoms from a tortured past draw reclusive landscape artist, Jessie Cotton, out of seclusion to find redemption in leading a worker’s rebellion that shatters the mirage of mindless bliss in sunny paradise and expands into a national movement to salvage the middle class from the greed and power of the richest few, who have been plotting to dismantle our government and our democracy for decades.


Highly Recommended!
By Larry Mitchell


"Rick Stiller is a master storyteller. This book is quite the page-turner. I paced myself to a few pages each day so the enjoyable experience of reading this masterful, fun, exciting book would last longer! In these dark political times, this book gave me such a sense of hope in the possibilities of a small group of patriots making a difference in a large way."



The Redemption Series: Book III

Occasionally, the publication of a work of fiction anticipates the polarization and upheaval, protests and violence of a precise moment in history. The underlying narrative behind Stiller’s new novel, Elect Mac Murphy, reveals the essence of the sinister powers driving the conflict between right and left, have’s and have not’s, white society and people of color as a distraction from their campaign to establish a feudal fascist America. 

Renegade radio-personality Mac Murphy has no qualifications to run for President of the United States but he’s launched his shady campaign on a lark. He is the only candidate who promises to restore the pride and purity of White America for his rabid tribe of populist listeners.

For corrupt corporate titans who have a been buying elections for decades, Murphy is just another investment in their quest to deconstruct society, dismantle democracy, and seize ultimate power and economic dominance. 

Nellis Gray joins Jessie Cotton to transform a tiny hurricane-ravaged protest in Dolphin Bay into a flourishing national movement for millions of unemployed workers who have lost their jobs, their homes, their lives, and their dignity. Desperate protestors march and rally in every city across the country to expose the cruel conspiracy to crush the Middle Class.

 A savage clash of hostile cultures will determine the fate of American liberty and the survival of our experiment in democracy.


The Redemption Series: Book IV

I strongly recommend this book! 

Larry Mitchell


Once again, Mr. Stiller has put his considerable writing skills to work to analyze and provide insight into the political turmoil we are facing as a country. This fast-paced book is engaging, thoughtful, creative, realistic, as well as irreverent and fun.  


I find that about 1/3 of the way through Rick's books,  I basically get so caught up in the storyline and character development that I can't put them down!


Author Rick Stiller continues to show us a path forward,  through the engagement of ordinary people who face up to crisis. While being clear that the struggle is ongoing,  Rick's books end on a hopeful note, showing that progress is possible.






Taxes and regulations imposed by federal authority inhibit the zealous accumulation of vast wealth by an exclusive group of titans, who invest billions over decades of unleash an audacious conspiracy to wrest control of the nation by sponsoring white-supremacist candidates willing to dismantle the government and demolish our democracy.

Two unlikely candidates vie for the presidency in the final days before the most important election of our time, while troopers from a secret agency detain thousands of opposition organizers, who disappear without a trace. Fugitive leaders of the All People Matter movement launch a desperate crusade to rescue the captives and defend our tattered experiment in democracy under seige.




Review by

Deb Krans


The Forge, the continuing story and characters in volume IV of the Redemption Series did not disappoint. This book captures the “powers that be” in this political narrative. Our two-party system is challenged by misinformation, conspiracies, white supremacist groups, radical extremists, and all kinds of lies being told for one party to win an election and keep all the power.


The comparisons of Stiller’s fictional contest are far too close to the reality that we faced in the last election and will face in the next. Losing Democracy should be everyone’s concern and this book reveals truths that are worth reading about.

The saving grace of democracy are the virtuous, strong heroes who believe in
facts and truth and are willing to put their lives on the line. The characters in this series are all well-developed, even the unscrupulous ones. Their stories lead to exciting and unexpected twists and turns.

I look forward to volume V of this series to see what more creative and intuitive stories Rick Stiller will write.


More novels by Rick Stiller



Dealer opens as the Summer of Love flowered in 1967 and the counter-culture revolution erupted across the western world. Long-haired, pot-smoking hippies infested major cities, college campuses, and small towns with raucous music and a social consciousness that exploded into the anti-war movement. Political and social norms were trounced by a generation devoted to sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll.

A brash young entrepreneur recognized the potential and built a robust and illicit chain, importing from the Caribbean, South America, the Middle East, and Asia, to supply a budding market from coast to coast.


A good read
By Thomas Clawson


"A good read. Mr. Stiller held my interest as he developed his characters and told a fast paced story of how the business of importing marijuana was conceived and the distribution networks developed in the seventies and eighties. Filled with intrigue and suspense as mistakes are made and law enforcement gathers and unravels the criminal organization."



Morgan's Knot: Volume VIII

I am pleased to announce the long-delayed publication of Islands of Wisdom, the eighth in The Morgan’s Knot Series, where our young seers lead the Forces of Light against Zepallo’s crusade to overwhelm and conquer the armies of the real world in a brutal blitz of death and destruction, culminating in a decisive duel between Adrian and his nemesis.

This tale is written as a serial, where the end of the first episode is the beginning of the second and so on. The story assumes that the reader is well-versed in the secrets and mysteries discovered by our young heroes in previous volumes. I recommend reading them in sequence to maintain continuity!


With a subtle twist
By Unknown


"With a subtle twist on our perception of what is real and what is possible, Stiller has crafted an expansive fantasy world inhabited by naive young heroes and fearsome villains vying for control of powers capable of transforming the planet into paradise or enslaving the population under tyrannical oppression.

Join the adventure, as young Adrian begins to unravel the secrets of the Powers and embarks on a quest to collect allies from around the world to battle a sinister legion intent on imposing a dark world order of total domination."

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