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What Would Nellis Say?

What are Republicans For? - November 2022

What are Republicans For? – Hypocrisy, lies, bigotry, hate, fear, violence…and keeping rich folks rich.


In working on the fifth volume in my Redemption Series, I keep running up against the fundamental question of what are the Republicans for? What do they openly and actively support besides white nationalism and keeping rich folks rich?


Party leaders, McCarthy, Scott, and Johnson have all stated publicly in the past few weeks that, if they take majorities in the House and Senate, Republican legislators plan to shut down the government by refusing to raise the debt ceiling (paying for funds already allocated and spent by both Houses of Congress).


They will not support those payments until the Democrats agree to allow them to “review” every entitlement program passed since the Civil War (targeting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid) every five years, providing radical Republicans the option to make significant changes including eliminating, defunding, or privatizing these programs.


The ultimate objective is to gut the safety net for seniors and the neediest in our society in order to deconstruct the government and eliminate taxation for the wealthy.


Republicans scream and shout about “deficits” whenever Democrats propose legislation aimed at supporting the urgent needs of the American people but the Trump administration gave away two-trillion (yes, trillion) dollars to the wealthiest one percent of our population that was billed directly to the national debt. Not one penny of that larceny was paid for in the budget. During his four years in office, the deficit increased by seven-trillion dollars. The party of fiscal responsibility and austerity? I think not.


Two hundred and seventy-one Heritage Foundation-nominated federal judges were appointed to lifetime positions. A huge percentage of those selections were deemed “unqualified” by the ABA. Many had never been inside a federal courtroom, most had never tried a case before a federal judge but all were confirmed because they swore allegiance to protecting the interests of their wealthy white sponsors, dismantling regulations and restrictions inhibiting their absolute economic and political power, eliminating taxes on their profits, and rescinding the rights and freedoms of the rest of the population.


The current Republican Party has blocked every proposed legislation that might benefit our safety, our economy, or our standing in the world since they launched the Tea Party in 2010. 

They emerged from their last presidential convention without a platform…other than whatever Trump demanded, so Florida’s Rick Scott produced a twelve point agenda that is mostly gobbledygook and code for maintaining the privileged status of “White” Americans.


First on his list was brainwashing our children by re-writing the history books to glorify the “accomplishments” of his white-nationalist supporters and hide the horrendous bits like slavery and Jim Crow, massacring native Americans and confiscating their land, or the murder of millions by the Germans during World War II.


In addition, children will be required to “say the Pledge of Allegiance, stand for the National Anthem, and honor the flag”, and “voluntary” prayer will be returned to the classroom. In addition, he proposes to close the Federal Department of Education and hand oversight to the states, so money currently dedicated to public education can be redirected to religious charter schools.


Second is claiming that “We are all made in the image of God: to judge a person on the color of their epidermis is immoral.” Which is total hypocrisy. It is also immoral to purge voter rolls of people of color, to deny them real equal opportunities, or to pretend that the Republican Party has not blocked the passage of every single piece of legislation that would benefit minorities in the past half-century.


The military will be barred from engaging in “diversity training” (turning a blind eye to bigotry instead) and colleges who use “race or ethnicity” that promote diversity in their student populations will lose federal funding and their tax-exempt status.


Third is a promise to refund and respect the police. There are five dead people and more than one-hundred and forty police officers who ended up in the hospital with critical injuries, who would argue that Trump’s stormtroopers invaded the Capitol on January 6, 2021 with every intention of attacking police officers and lynching any legislators they could find. Those militants, who are the face of the current Republican Party, had no respect for the law or law enforcement or human life. 


Four - Securing the border against anyone who isn’t a northern European Aryan. Republican legislators have blocked every attempt to define and pass laws to secure fair, equitable, and effective laws to create a system to deal with the waves of immigrants escaping lawlessness and extreme poverty in their home countries to seek a better life here. It is far more useful as a campaign issue if there is no resolution.


With the exception of Native Americans, we are all the descendants of immigrants and our country and our society would be stagnant without that diversity.


Five – Senator Scott wants to shrink the Federal government and its services by an arbitrary 25% and “end Socialism”…which means ending any program that uses tax dollars to help or benefit minorities at the expense of keeping rich white people rich. Republicans love to throw around terms like “socialism, communism, and fascism”, knowing that their supporters have no earthly idea of what these words actually mean. Our country is, in many ways, already socialist…consider our highway system, police and fire, public libraries, public education, etc. that we all pay for through our taxes.


Six – “We will eliminate all federal programs that can be done locally” which actually means that the radical fringe candidates running for legislative office in many states will demolish the rights and benefits of anyone who isn’t a white evangelical bigot.


Seven – The Florida Senator wants to blame Democrats for “gaming the system” and “legalizing voter fraud” when our last president attempted to pull off a coup to cling to power by claiming, without any evidence, that the election was rigged. Failing in sixty legal challenges that were laughed out of court, endless recounts, and the deadly insurrection, the Republicans are running vote-denier candidates in every state and trying to pass legislation granting the power to toss out our votes and entire elections if they don’t like the results. The Republican Party is doing everything they can to make sure that their white minority maintains power.


Eight – “defending and promoting the American family at all costs” – which is shorthand for eliminating abortion and birth control to produce more “white” babies and denying people the right to love who they want to love.


Nine – “Men are men, women are women, and babies are babies” – political payment to the evangelical community who have demanded an end to abortions (thank the right-wing fanatics on the Supreme Court) and denial of rights to LGBQT individuals. The Republican Party has blocked every piece of legislation designed to protect or provide for children, once they are outside the womb.


Ten – “Americans will be free to welcome God into all aspects of our lives” is code for sanctifying a national religion that will force our social, legal, and educational systems to conform to fanatical evangelical doctrines.


Eleven – “We are Americans not globalists” calling for us to close ourselves off from the rest of the world instead of being the international economic engine and protector of democracies everywhere. Any student of history understands that this is the same isolationist blather that prevented the United States from being prepared for World War II. 


Republican leaders want to “re-evaluate” financial support for the Ukrainian battle for survival against Russian aggression. Despite their patriotic claims, they have no interest in preserving our democracy or defending those freedoms in other countries.


Twelve – “Cutting taxes” for the rich. This is the Republican solution for every problem our country has or will face in the future, whether it’s child poverty, border security, or the imminent destruction of the planet. Reagan’s nonsensical “trickle-down economics” was a sad joke when he proposed it and proved to be a complete fraud that provided a windfall for the rich at the expense of the economy and the rest of the population.


The current Republican Party is for cutting the taxes of their rich white patrons, who supply billions to shady Political Action Committees, and eliminating any program that benefits everyone else.


That’s it. That’s their whole agenda and they are laughing at the radical morons who think the party supports “working class” people, believe the endless lies about voter fraud or Democrats eating children, and will be astonished and disappointed when the Republicans do exactly what they say they’re going to do…deconstruct the government, repeal every right and benefit passed in the past hundred and fifty years, and replace our democracy with an autocratic theocracy.


A vote for any candidate on the current Republican slate is a vote against the freedoms that make America unique and respected above all the nations of the world.


You can make a difference. Vote as if the future depends on your ballot.


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