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What Would Nellis Say?

Republican Cruelty - October 2022

Republican Cruelty – A Bludgeon and a Creed


Cruelty and violent intimidation have evolved into a badge of macho-ism for desperate Republican candidates who can’t win an election on their own merits, let alone without the patronage of a white-nationalist base and buckets of Dark Money.


Trump embodied and gave life to the resentment and anger of an enormous swath of Republican supporters who feel persecuted by their self-inflicted status in our society. These delusional victims blame their misery and fear on immigrants, people of color, and those who worship a different religion. Throngs of fictional aliens are coming to sully the purity of the white race and take their jobs, their women, and their very identity. 


Fascist media networks claim that a corrupt liberal government, in conjunction with the wealthy, the educated, and the accomplished, is responsible for their grievances and their plight. Successful Republican candidates are not judged by what they promise to accomplish for their constituents but rather a pledge to prevent any progressive legislation from seeing the light of day, in spite of the fact that most of the bills proposed and/or passed by the Democrats since the last presidential election would benefit this faction of citizens more than any other.


Conversely, this same congregation somehow feels that white Christians have been anointed to define the future direction of our country and the morals of our society based on the tenets of their Bible, a book edited by the Emperor Constantine who believed that he was the God of the Earth and used organized religion as a tool to control the masses across three continents. One wonders whether they are aware that there are no texts in any religion that suggest that the descendants of European Aryans are entitled to rule the planet.


Victims demand rage and revenge from contenders and elected officials who promise, if not actually use, cruelty and violent intimidation against the presumed or convenient enemies of the base. Consider the former president’s comments about immigrants being “rapists and murderers” (when a vast majority of the influx at the southern border consisted of families fleeing desperate poverty and rampant violence). One of his first acts, after he was elected, barred Muslims from entering the country for no apparent reason other than his own prejudice and ignorance of their religion and an indulgence for white nationalists. 


He expanded on his vendetta when he ordered babies ripped from the arms of immigrant mothers with no intention of ever returning them. There are hundreds of those children who have yet to be reunited with their families five years after the government-sponsored kidnappings. These and so many other disgusting incidents and deplorable policies were contrived to repay the hateful bigoted fringes of the party for the votes they delivered for his election.


The Governor of Texas and his compatriot Doug Ducey in Arizona have been shipping busloads of immigrants to New York, Washington D.C., and Chicago for months as a political stunt to rally their core voters. Republicans scream about “immigration reform” but their Senators and Congressmen have blocked every proposal for strict but compassionate rules to control the influx. Displaying cruelty secures more radical votes than creating a solution for the problem.


Not to be outdone, Florida Governor Desantis used nearly a million dollars of tax-payer funds to dupe Venezuelan immigrants, who were legally seeking asylum in Texas, into being transported to “better opportunities” by private aircraft with printed brochures and promises of legal assistance, food, shelter, jobs and job training. 


None of that was true - no advance notice was given to the authorities in Martha’s Vineyard, no services or assistance had been arranged, and the airport was deserted when they arrived. They did receive help and assistance from local residents and surprised authorities in spite of DeSantis’s malicious hoax to gain national attention from his racist cult. Cruelty is the only point to his political theatrics.


Our radically fanatical Supreme Court overturned seventy years of precedent when they tossed out Roe vs. Wade, after at least four of the justices nominated by Republican presidents openly lied about their intentions on Roe during their Congressional hearings. (It’s time for Congress to call them back to clarify their testimonies and rescind their appointments.) Considering their enthusiastic promotion by the fascist Federalist Society and fanatical Heritage Foundation which lobby for the demolition of every right granted to our citizens over the past century and a half, we might assume that many of the rulings expected during the coming year will be equally cruel and callous. Consider the elimination of birth-control and artificial insemination, LGBQT rights and gay marriage, minority and women’s voting rights, and democracy itself. 


They make no secret about their intention to dispose of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, which would affect the elderly and the most needy in our society…and every Republican voter. The current Republican Party does not care about their constituents after the votes are counted. The point of every campaign is to secure white-power so their financial patrons can deconstruct our democracy and lord over everyone else without resistance or restriction.


Many states have passed draconian laws to force women to carry babies to term without exception, as evidenced by countless cases of rape, incest, and dead fetuses, forcing women to travel out of state for medical assistance. One recent example: A Republican Florida judge ruled that a pregnant minor rape victim was not mature enough to have an abortion but was mature enough to raise a child. Cruelty or ignorance or both?


Mr. “State’s rights” Senator Lindsay Graham, who craves any microphone or camera, has decided that Congress should pass federal legislation to ensure a national ban on abortions to ensure that no state is permitted to protect liberties granted to more than half the population seventy years ago. Republicans continue their crusade to prove they have no respect for women’s rights to privacy or making decisions about their own bodies without the approval of white men, with no medical credentials, representing extreme evangelical creeds. 


This is not the Republican Party of Reagan or even Nixon. Today’s successful candidates must appear cruel, intolerant, and claim to be God-fearing puritanical zealots to appeal to the radical extremes that have commandeered the party. No brutality is beyond the malicious white-nationalists’  bounds, as long as it is inflicted on their perceived enemies…women, minorities, immigrants, and anyone who is not a devout supporter of evangelical bigotry.


There was a time in the not too distant past, when members of the opposing parties would argue and fight over legislation before reaching a compromise that often offered an equitable solution that benefitted the nation. They did not view each other as “enemies” but rather competitors who valued our people and the foundations of our democracy over a fealty to a malevolent minority who paid for their elections.


That collaboration ended with Newt Gingrich and the introduction of Tea Party extremists dedicated to preventing the passage of any legislation proposed by the Democrats or their black president. That cancer consumed the soul of the Republican Party and metastasized into a hateful domineering faction bent on destroying their rivals with ruthless efficiency, where cruelty is expected and brutality rewarded. Today’s extreme right-wing members of Congress threaten the opposition with physical violence and advocate armed insurrection!


Today’s radical Republican Party must be defeated by landslides in every race, in every district in the country, in the next two elections, or our society, democracy, and legacy will be molded by a handful of wealthy fake-Christian white men bent on installing a fascist theocracy.


Only you can prevent American Fascism. Stand up, speak up, and vote!


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