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Let’s create

A Better, Safer, Peaceful
& More Inclusive America…

Hand in hand, we can build a better country
for our children…as well as their children

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Because each volume forecasts coming events and reveals the motivation and the methods of the extremists trying to dismantle the government and eradicate the middle class, Stiller’s fiction poses one simple but fitting question for the reader:

Will we choose Democracy or autocratic dictatorship?

If Nellis Gray, the main character of Rick’s first book, were a real person… he’d be plotting a bold scheme to motivate every voter in the country to stand up for the core beliefs this nation must defend and singing one of his anthems…


Rick Stiller’s four-volume fictional series paints a vivid yet daunting picture of a very real conspiracy that is devouring our society and dismantling our democracy, by revealing the primal essence of today’s sinister powers:

Each volume in Rick's fiction predicted every step in that very real radical crusade. Beginning with Nellis Gray, that threat is opposed by a small protest that blossoms into a national movement to save our democracy, manned by a cast of passionate characters bent on exposing the sinister political and quasi-religious forces that thrive on promoting conflict and violence within our society. 

White-supremacy, religious extremism, and shady politics

The disparity between haves and have-nots

Right-wing factions bent on foisting a totally unqualified fraud into the presidency again

The wealthiest few pitting white society against people of color as a distraction while they establish a feudal fascist America

“Dare to dream of what might be - When compassion and liberty - Replace the shadows and mysteries - With the promise of renewed humanity”

Readers love Nellis Gray because he’s the grandpa, father, son, brother or friend we all wish we had. Yeah, he’s eccentric and opinionated but he’ll be the first to give you a hug and put his own life at risk if he sees that yours is in danger. 

In fact, he has a special message for you (Sure, he’s fictional… but he has the vision of a wise old owl, so just go along with this if you can);


“Hey friends! Nellis Gray here…


I know that we all see the tyrants’ campaign to deconstruct the government through a media blitz of corruption, lies, and deceit that’s made millions wonder whether there is a future for our democracy. Whether there’s anything that can be done to save it?

I hear too many people saying:

I’ve turned a blind eye to it all… but that didn’t solve anything.


We’re bombarded with negative, hateful, and completely false propaganda every day and it’s only getting worse.


I hoped the problem was going to solve itself and everything would be sorted out.


Or, I hoped that turning off the evening news or ignoring the newspaper headlines about Trump and his legions of crazy politicians who are destroying the country would make it all go away. 

But if that’s all we do… then we’re just hiding our heads in the sand… and, as you'll learn in my story, I’m not one to sit around waiting for someone else to solve our problems.


So, instead of cringing about politics, biased laws, and intolerant doctrines…

What if we really came together as empowered human beings to find realistic solutions – through meaningful dialog and respectful discussions… 

No matter our beliefs or position on some political spectrum?

After all, each of us has one thing in common. 

We’re all human and we’re all Americans.

And if we can see that patriotic ‘humanity’ in each other, then perhaps we can acknowledge our differences and re-unite Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to begin the search for solutions.

If we join together to take down the extremist MAGA conspirators, maybe we can find a way to be re-united as inspired Americans who just want their grandchildren growing up to be thoughtful and compassionate human beings? 

Maybe together, we can secure great jobs, find love, buy our own homes, and feel safe raising our own kids in the warm embrace of real freedom?

Maybe we can build a society where everyone is allowed to experience life driven by passion, joy, and acceptance that are the basis for the American dream rather than hate, vilification, and denigration?

Wouldn’t making those things into real expectations fulfill our most basic needs?

Of course it would.

But none of that is going to happen until real patriots join together to demand a return to a democracy of, by, and for all of our citizens, not just the wealthiest few white-supremacists who want to dominate everyone else.

It’s not going to happen until corporate money and PAC advertising is banned from politics.

It’s not going to happen until we demand truth based on verifiable facts as the basis for our national conversation and the hypocrisy, lies, bigotry, and hate being spewed by fascist "MAGA" media networks is banned.


It’s not going to happen until radical religious factions stop trying to force their belief systems on the rest of us. Women have the right to decide what to do with their own bodies, gay people have the right to choose who they love, and racial minorities have the right to the same privileges as everyone else… and we all have the right to breathe clean air, drink untainted water, and preserve a healthy planet for future generations.


It’s not going to happen until the real majority rescinds the Billionaires’ manipulations of shady state laws inhibiting actual “integrity” (which actually means denying minority voting. Under new Texas laws, nearly 22 percent of mail-in ballots were rejected in their most recent elections…compared to less than 2 percent in the previous election in which virtually no fraud was found) to re-establish bi-partisan oversight of our polling places, the vote count, and reporting procedures.

It’s not going to happen until all of us – right, left, Black, White, Latino, Asian, LGBTQ, rich and poor, urban and rural establish a massive movement to stop the coup progressing before our eyes every day. My fictional characters named it All People Matter and my readers should make it real.

Things are out of control, so let’s come together to take back the power and save our own future!

Join me and let’s take charge by creating a bold uncompromising roadmap for the future of our democracy.

It won’t happen overnight, but with the coming elections, today’s a great time to start.


See you inside!

Your friend, 

Nellis Gray

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