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“Life has new meaning and it isn’t the one they told us about when we were kids in school. It’s way bigger than that.”

Rick Stiller is an author, award-winning photographer, musician, and Master Gardener. 


His books depict the good ole' boy environment of the deep south and challenges readers to examine the good and bad aspects of the human experience that we are sometimes reluctant to acknowledge.


The fiction in his books reflects the polarization and upheaval, protests, and violence of this precise moment in current times through the lens of our history. Stiller's novels time and time again reveal the essence of the real sinister powers driving the conflict between right and left, have and have not's, white society and people of color as a distraction from their campaign to establish a feudal fascist America. 


But at the core of each novel is the heart of America... the good and redemptive parts and characters that give us hope for the future.


Rick is a consummate storyteller and intriguing characters drive inventive plot twists and turns that gently force an insightful look at the current political and racial divides that are tearing at our country's fabric. His books are must-reads for anyone who cares about the future of our country and those who feel compelled to make it a better place for the generations to come.

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